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File 135558261687.jpg - (89.29KB , 480x640 , 66227177.jpg )
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An interesting time-release construction. Water drips thru a hole in the upper cap, slowly filling the lower part. Until the swimmer represented by the lower bottle half, pushes up and lets the key fall.
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>> No. 193
You could place the hole higher up and make a bend into the wire near the hole, so its outside part is horizontal.
>> No. 194
That could work, but it is still risky, for instance if the upper part thats put in the bottle gets stuck or leaks air and won't be pushed up anymore. Better is to use a swimmer like a waterproof plastic capsule.
>> No. 332
Of course you always have to test your stuff before using it and also have an emergency release. Good idea is a key under your doormat, so it gets embarrassing but at least you get out without having to call police into your house or something

File 133401391734.jpg - (61.04KB , 475x580 , cglilish101-en.jpg )
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>> No. 328
how work it ? does anyone have any idea how goes the knot?
>> No. 330
What do you mean? Its just a slipknot
>> No. 331
File 139755406248.png - (290.24KB , 569x587 , locked_scissors_582.png )
BTW how you get out of this with time release: Just lock up some scissors

File 139424446775.jpg - (272.98KB , 900x1800 , sjb2.jpg )
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straightjacket selfbondage

File 138643006721.jpg - (354.52KB , 640x1600 , 1386082498191.jpg )
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>> No. 295
Probably a good idea for selfbondage
Gonna try that :D

File 136993320671.jpg - (122.49KB , 1067x800 , 2.jpg )
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I think that this self bondage board needs a kick-a-long, It needs some input, any input to keep it going. I suggest that any readers, lurkers, or whatever, to post any experiences they have had, of any fantasies they want to playout.

Photo related, I do this too
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>> No. 156
Since I live in a large country town in Australia, I have access to large forests that I can use for my self-bondage activities. I like to cross-dress, chain myself up, and force myself to do long cross-country treks to release myself!
>> No. 161

I wanted to do that too what you show on the first picture but I was never able to figure how to selfrelease me tied up like that. I have no hand free and no chance to reach a key or something.
>> No. 239
Used to do this when i was a kid. Plenty of times got stuck but made out anyway. These days find it boring. Learning to do and come out of elbow ties.

File 138099711295.jpg - (171.85KB , 600x900 , -chainset-BVCT-01.jpg )
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A few years ago, I found a new alternative situation to my self bondage. I could put myself into complete inescapable chain bondage, I could not get loose till I got possesion of the keys, or something to cut the chains.

I perused all the local hardware stores till I found the right chain. The links were about 35mm long, 20mm wide, and the metal was nearly 5mm diameter. I asked a guy in the store to cut me two lengths of 1m, one length of 2m, and one length of 3m. I also bought several sets of keyed-alike locks. I explained to him that I needed to lock up some balcony furniture, I am not sure he believed me because I stuttered and stammered my way through my explanation and went bright red too.

So, I get home and use one of the 1m chains between my ankles, and make mark where the locks go. The other 1m chain goes between my wrists, and I mark where the locks go. The third chain (2m) locks to the middle of my ankle chains, it goes up to lock to my wrist chain, then up to my neck. If I wrap it twice around my neck then lock it then I am a little bit crouched.

beautiful, but whats next???
>> No. 196
what's next? i ask you
>> No. 238
Doesn't feel as good as ropes tho.

File 137744351247.jpg - (118.23KB , 600x834 , QWCP-08.jpg )
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Five years ago, I was doing shiftwork, for this I had to shift to a new town for a year. I ended up in a third floor flat with a private balcony on the north east corner of the building. I kept a special pillowcase of chains and stuff behind one of my plants on the balcony. If I woke up in the middle of the night, horny for something, then I would take that special package out to my balcony and chain myself up.

Usually I would only do this in the warmer months.

Pic related - but wrong female
>> No. 179
File 13774437686.jpg - (142.00KB , 600x922 , QZPD-21.jpg )
The balcony was on the end of the building and had a large brick pillar at each corner. I would use a 1 metre chain between my ankles, wrapped comfortably and padlocked. Another 1 meter chain for my wrists, wrapped comfortably and padlocked too. The third chain was a little longer, one end went around my neck and was padlocked, the other end went around the pillar of the balcony and was locked with a combination lock.

Since I had closed the balcony door, and turned of the lights, all I could do was revel in my chains till the sun came up and illuminated my combination lock so I could release myself.

Do you think I masturbated? In could not stop! I always had several orgasms, only limited by the noise of the chains.

pic related, but I'm male.
>> No. 192
I would so try that

File 138028765560.jpg - (140.45KB , 800x640 , cover1.jpg )
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I have become a bit of an expert in this field. It was kind of necessary in the days before I found my bondage buddy :)

File 135541931470.jpg - (31.87KB , 474x580 , 1258466981517.jpg )
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Selfbondage idea
Would you dare?
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>> No. 157
I have actually done something very similar. You can roll out of it, till you are face up, then climb up the ropes, and undo all the knots. Meanwhile is is still fun!
>> No. 183
Seems extremely dangerous. Rope will cut blood circulation on hands, so you will lose sensibility, strenght and grip to crawl up and release.
>> No. 184
What if you do the knot so, that it won't cut circulation? A knot like this can not cut circulation, no matter how strong you pull.

File 137744197239.jpg - (0.97MB , 1024x768 , -self-VSJG-01.jpg )
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Hey, OP, Where are you?

I want to know more?

Do you CBT? Do you plug? Do you Xdress, Do you public?

Do you self torture/torment? titilate/orgasm?

How long do you SelfBondage for?

Regards Futah

Pic related "I wish"
>> No. 180
I am only seldom doing nonpublic with cuffs and chains. I also made a harness out of a dog's one with removing the plastic clips and replacing them with locks.

Since a while I ponder about tieing myself in the forest on a tree with an ice-release out of reach, but yet I do not dare...

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