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File upload problem by admin - 12/31/12 @ 08:04 PM UTC #

File uploads have been fixed again. I hope this was the last time now, that this issue appeared.

Cleanup by admin - 12/29/12 @ 11:08 AM UTC #

I am actually cleaning up some boards and deleting other.
I have moved the following boards: /cg/->/a/, /diy/->/sb/, /les/->/f/ /bon/->/s/
And deleted: /dis/

Please help the staff! by admin - 12/22/12 @ 11:26 AM UTC #

Do you want a clean chan? Tired of CP, spam and crap? You can help keeping the chan clean by using the report-button!
When you see something inappropriate or against the rules, report the posting to the staff or send an email to report AT containing a link to the post.
This chan is strictly dedicated to fetish! For everything else off-topic there is a random boad. And for free advertising there is our ad board.
We will aso continue to ban everyone who posts stuff against the rules!

Feet board added by fetchan - 12/15/12 @ 04:11 PM UTC #

Heya. As requested, I added a foot fetish imageboard. You can now post all your cute feet here!
This feet board also includes embed so you can share all your youtube feet videos with us!

Let's do this! by fetchan - 02/01/12 @ 03:54 PM UTC #

Welcome to, a new fetish-chan imageboard only for your fetish and BDSM desires.

You can browse and post pictures here, discuss about fetishes and meet likeminded people. We are a community of similar minds, that enjoy the colorful world of fetishes.

We try to cover your personal fetish here. You can talk about femdom as about maledom, no matter if you are a man, a woman or transsexual, mistress, master and slaves, you are all welcome here, gays and lesbians too of course! Even selfbondage, DIY, hypnosis, stories and literature is covered in own boards and a dedicated board exists for anime and fetish art.

Our rules are simple: keep it free and nice, everything goes as long as all parties enjoy it. But local and global law has to be respected, we live all together on the same rock! Have fun and enjoy!


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